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Today we talk to Michael Fuller, our CEO at Conflux Technology. Michael touches on a couple of things, who we are, what we’re about and why we’re at the cutting edge of heat exchanger technology. It’s clear when spending only a couple of minutes with Michael that he is not only a visionary at the helm of this endeavour but a hands-on engineer with thorough knowledge of this product and its environment.

“My name is Michael Fuller, and I’m the Founder and CEO of Conflux Technology.
I would describe Conflux Technology as an amazing group of talented scientists and engineers, all with the mission of pioneering thermal technology.

The way that we do it, is by extracting the potential performance of additive manufacturing and applying it in a heat transfer problem space. We improve fundamental energy efficiency by improving the efficiency of how heat is transferred from one fluid to another. It is a vehicle to really explore and understand where the confluence of heat transfer and additive manufacturing is.

We are at the cutting edge of this technology and we really do deliver a lot of performance through the potential of additive manufacturing, and the geometric freedoms that are afforded by that. This is where heat transfer and heat exchange can be improved by the enabling technology of additive manufacturing”.

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