Additive cold plate technology

Performance and reliability

Lower weight whilst increasing heat transfer

Remove constraints on performance with an additive design.
Tune heat transfer

Tune fluid flow across the chip face to focus performance where it is needed.
Reliable serial production

High tolerance and reliability offer precision, high yield production.

3D printed cold plate heat exchangers

Remove constraints on performance with an additive design that lowers weight whilst increasing heat transfer.

Use Case: Aviation Line Replacement Unit (LRU) cold plate

  • LRU power limit increased by >50%, limited by fan
  • 40% lighter then incumbent machined and braised part
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Performance and reliability

Conflux offers the best of performance and reliable, serial production. Each Conflux heat exchanger incorporates our exclusive Conflux Core, patented technology derived from our cutting-edge techniques and know-how.

Up to 300mm x 300mm

Heat transfer per cm2
Upon request

Conflux manufactures in common and bespoke additive manufacturing metals based on customer requirements


  • Air and liquid cooled plates for computing, aviation, land vehicles, industrial machines
  • Heat sink
  • Heat exchanger
  • Vapour chamber
  • Two-phase heat transfer devices

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