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Conflux Products

Conflux Products deliver industry leading performance and are scalable and configurable to unique boundary conditions, performance and packaging requirements.

Our first product is the Conflux Water Charge Air Cooler.

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Latest Product

Conflux’s Automotive Cartridge

Conflux’s Automotive Cartridge, scalable & ultra-high performing - benchmarked against the best.

“Efficient and lightweight heat exchangers aren’t easy to realize. At Conflux a core team of enthusiasts from various industries take on customer challenges to deliver amazing, re-thought products utilizing additive manufacturing.”

Dr. Stefan Bindl, Head of Engineering, Mynaric

DfAM specialists

Design and simulation
We design highly complex geometries from first principles through our specialist DfAM methodology. By rapidly developing multiple design concepts throughout the ideation phase, we’re able to quickly converge on the most innovative solution.

We perform CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to predict the performance of our parts and ensure we maximise design potential. Characteristics such as heat rejection and pressure drop are improved as we optimise heat flux and fluid flow.

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Constant evaluation

Build, validate and test
We optimise performance characteristics within a rapid development timeline. Starting with strategic and partial builds that are processed as part of an iterative development cycle, we are constantly evaluating manufacturability.

A combination of physical, non-destructive and destructive testing methods enables us to validate our designs, establish their performance and optimise their efficiency.
Our approach creates a risk-reduced pathway to the successful build of full-scale, functional AM components.

Maximum capability

Refine and optimise
We use a variety of in-house and independent laboratories as well as in-field testing programs to confirm the quality, integrity and performance of our functional prototypes. We have unique access to ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron, allowing us to verify the outcomes of our custom parameter developments and inspect for critical defects.

By correlating initial test data with our simulation results, we trigger the optimisation phase of our workflow using our proprietary software Conflux Quantify. We reanalyse, modify and refine designs to identify and extract their maximum performance potential and provide customers with a fully optimised, one-of-a-kind solution.

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Serial production

Machines and materials
Laser bed powder fusion (LBPF) is our metal AM building technology. It’s the ability to create highly dense, thin-walled, complex features is what makes a compelling choice for the AM of heat exchangers.

Our stable of machines includes the latest E300-M, resulting in consistent part quality every time, thanks to its exceptional precision lasers and performance stability.

We use aluminium alloys, stainless steels, nickel-based alloys and copper alloys. Our powder removal technique is unique and another critical aspect of delivering the most that AM has to offer.

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