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Improving thermal management in smaller spaces with additive manufacturing

High performance electronic cooling solutions using additive manufacturing

Requirements in the semiconductor and electronic cooling markets are being constantly pushed as companies seek extra performance from processors and battery systems. 

At Conflux, we bring significant improvements over the incumbent solutions that deliver compelling performance for the electronics and advanced manufacturing industries.

Lower thermal resistance -
Enhanced surface area density to volume ratio results in low thermal resistance solutions

Reduced weight -
Higher thermal performance and monolithic parts translate to step changes in part size

High heat flux management -
Lower thermal resistance designs lead to efficient management of high heat flux systems

Compact design -
Design freedom gives flexibility in form factor; geometry can be morphed to fit the space available

AM benefits to Microelectronics applications

Complex shapes

The need to cool in increasingly complex and constrained spaces is becoming a reality in the electronics and battery markets. Space can often be a constraint, with parts required to fit within existing assemblies that provide narrow packaging options for new cooling solutions. AM allows Conflux the freedom to create complex geometries that can provide increased performance within existing systems.

Higher performance

AM provides unique opportunities to increase the performance of components with geometries not achievable with traditional manufacturing methods.

At Conflux, this means creating innovative ways to increase the performance of heat exchangers through a combination of AM-enabled
three dimensional surface geometries and an ever present drive for thinner walls.

We have developed a range of fundamental geometries that form the basis of our approach to the design of heat exchangers.

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