Research & Development Programs

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Customised R&D Programs

Outsourced R&D is one way we grow significant value for our customers. We plan and execute customised R&D programs providing a risk reduced introduction to AM (Additive Manufacturing) and heat transfer.

Our specialists deep dive to solve a wide range of challenging technical problems working to fundamentally understand phenomena and characterise multiple sensitivities that describe a comprehensive solution.

Outcomes of Conflux R&D Programs:
  • Highly efficient thermal management across multiple applications
  • As built mechanical properties characterisation
  • Mass reduction of between 20 and 40 per cent
  • A threefold increase in heat rejection without compromising pressure drop.

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Image - Pressure Test Sample

ABOVE:(left) Pressure test sample and a video of sample geometries building.

Inhouse R&D

We undertake our own R&D work in order to develop new concepts and techniques and to push the capabilities of AM to its limits. Our robust and ongoing R&D programs ensure our knowledge and understanding of AM is cutting edge. They enable us to develop customer solutions in shorter timeframes and form the foundation of all of our high-tech solutions, while background intellectual property underpins our design and manufacturing databases.

Some of the benefits our inhouse R&D has enabled us to deliver to customers include:

  • Geometry and material specific AM process parameters that increase productivity and reduce cost per part
  • Extracting the maximum performance from common AM alloys through process optimisation
  • Deep understanding of how the surface finish of AM parts affects end use performance.
R&D program consultation

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Our team is senior by design, which means our customers have direct access to our thought leaders and senior experts when scoping out a customised R&D program.

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