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Executing builds for optimal successful production

Creating successful parts

Designing and building successful AM parts requires a team who can develop geometry and material-specific build strategies. This what our team of AM specialists excel in.

We offer true expertise:

  • Highly qualified and innovative team of AM specialists
  • Deep understanding gained from developing applications across multiple market verticals
  • Mastery of the LPBF process from both an overall systems perspective and in depth metallurgical knowledge
  • Experience in developing optimised process parameters across a broad range of metals
  • Unique understanding of how to tune process parameters for high thermal conductivity microstructures.
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Laser Bed Powder Fusion for metal AM

LBPF is what we use as our metal AM technology. A layer by layer build process, LBPF uses a fibre laser to selectively melt fine metal powder in order to form the desired three-dimensional object. The laser beam passes through a system of lenses and is directed and positioned by two highly precise mirrors.

After a layer of powder is selectively melted, the build platform/part is lowered. Another layer of powder is spread across the part using a recoating mechanism and the laser melting process is repeated. This layer by layer process repeats itself until the final height of the part has been realised.

We have chosen LBPF technology for its ability to create the highly dense, thin walled, complex features that are critical for optimising the performance of AM heat exchangers. Whether you are moving into this area of manufacturing or accelerating your existing program, you’ll need extensive knowledge to leverage the full benefits of the technology – and we can help.

Our team have hands-on experience across a number of commercially available platforms, including our own vertically integrated facility in Geelong, Australia. Speak to our AM Project Specialists

Key benefits of our AM process know how:

  • Geometry specific build strategies that provide the best outcomes for our customers through increased performance and reduced part cost
  • Increased protection of Intellectual Property
  • Our in-depth knowledge provides the ability to perform rapid development cycles
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving with existing and new AM parts and processes.

Vertically Integrated Facility

At our site in Melbourne, we have a multiple LPBF systems installed. They all use fibre lasers to selectively melt metal powder into the shape of the designed part using a layer by layer build process. This high-end manufacturing platform enables us to leverage the full benefits of AM and produce high performance parts with the required structural integrity.

We are a platform agnostic company and will be adding more systems to our facility to enhance our manufacturing capabilities. At Conflux, we provide our customers with an end-to-end manufacturing service through vertical integration and our validated supply chain.

Our full suite of capabilities
In addition to AM, we are able to provide the following services to our customers:

  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Machining
  • High resolution CT scanning.
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We work with a range of commercially available AM materials in order to deliver high-end heat exchange solutions, including;

  • Aluminium alloys
  • Stainless steels
  • Monel K

Our in-house AM specialists are experienced in developing new and novel materials and are happy to embark on such development programmes with our customers if desired.

Image of ConfluxTechnology Monel K test print

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